TCR is a boutique real estate company that conceptualizes and develops architecturally significant residential and mixed use projects.

Thomas Calus

Thomas Calus is the principal and founder of TCR. He is a passionate entrepreneur who places emphasis on architectural design and creativity. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Thomas has completed diverse projects including historic buildings, adaptive reuse, ground up construction, and large scale art exhibitions. His projects include residential mix use developments in Massachusetts, California, and Saint Barths.

Thomas was born in France and has lived in Marbella, London and Paris before moving to Boston where he started a career in Real Estate Development. His European background gives him a unique approach to conceptualizing projects.

Thomas is passionate about design, music and art.

Sylvia Baker

Sylvia has worked at TCR since 2015. Since then, she has grown from managing financials & the TCR rental portfolio to being involved in all aspects of the development projects from design to sellout. Her passion for design and historic re-use along with her knowledge of the City of Boston has guided her throughout her role at TCR.

Sylvia is from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. She is a Mom, a nature lover, and a real estate enthusiast.

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